Friday, December 15, 2006

Memories Flood My Mind.

Memories fill my mind as I type on this keyboard. Things about him. About how we got so close. How he became my boyfriend.

He never seemed to like me, or to even be my type. But he bugged me just the same. When I was young my parents always told me that if a guy bugged me, then he liked me. I didn’t really believe that. Why would a guy bug you for that reason? But eventually I found out. He started throwing paper at me all the time and follows my best friend and I
around. I thought maybe he liked her. But one day he asked if I could go to the office with him because he had to go get something. My best friend thought it would be a good idea. I protested but eventually they convinced me. Why would I want to hang out with a guy that bugs me? Why would he even talk to me? He seemed to hate me for sure. But that wasn’t the case. Both him and I started to just wander around the halls and for some reason eventually started to laugh as we walked. We had fun. Though what we laughed about is a blank spot in my mind.

We became closer and he would often send notes to me and I would reply. I invited him to sit near me as he sat farther away from me. Flirting is not one of my best abilities though I do try hard at it. I flirted with him. He seemed to be kinder every day. Maybe he just wanted attention? Maybe…just maybe he liked me. But I shook my head at that thought. He probably just considered me as a friend. Besides I was still not ready to enter a relationship. My ex boyfriend who dated me for two weeks decided to end the relationship by cheating on me with one of my friends whom I confided in. I shattered at the news. I felt as if I was just a toy until my ex found a new girl to give attention to. But he seemed better then my ex, though a bit on the immature side. I felt an attachment towards him. I felt protective making sure no body would bug him. He seemed to like the attention so he would always hang out with me. My best friend teased me that I had a new boyfriend. I am very shy, so I didn’t ask him what he thought of the idea. A rumor then started to spread around the school that he was my boyfriend. But then rumors aren’t always true. But it maybe it was fate. Fate was something I rarely believe in. But maybe it existed. One day it was cold in the school since the staff was too lazy to turn up the heat…(or too stingy).

Him and I were walking around school and he asked if his hands felt cold. He lifted up his hand in a suggested manner that I touch his supposedly freezing hand. I felt that I had a chance and decided to take it. I then touched his hand and it actually did feel cold. So I held his hand and then he asked if I was flirting with him. I said yes and if that was okay. He let me and we both blushed in silence. After that every time we would go in the hallway we would hold hands. But when there weren’t any students around. Both of us were shy and didn’t like to be teased. The next day he asked if I wanted to go to the other teacher’s room (it has a computer and two chairs with blinds in the windows and a larger room outside. So curiously I did. We started flirting in the room since the teachers were distracted. When I stood up I gave him a hug. It only lasted a few seconds but I heard a muffle word reach from his lips as he said “…girlfriend.” I didn’t know what to said but I kept on hugging him as I closed my eyes in happiness and secretly hid a smile.